TowerSwap Testnet Airdrop

How to join Airdrop?
  1. 2.
    Connect your wallet address.
  2. 3.
    Verify your wallet
  3. 4.
    Create profile.
  4. 5.
    Enter to the task.


1 Join Telegram (once task)

Complete the task by joining the requested telegram. You cannot continue the second task if the first task is not completed.

2. Follow Twitter (once task)

3. TESTNET TASK (weekly task)

Complete all of this task to get testnet reward.
Guide :
  1. 1.
After you buy or sell tokens on the swap page. take the Txhash of the transaction you made and fill it into the first task.
Get TXhash here
2. Add Liquidity.
After the addition of liquidity. take a screenshot and fill it into the second task.
Screenshot Example
3. Farming
After you add liquidity. then use your LP token to get a reward on the farming page. Then take a screenshot and fill in the third task
Screenshot example

4. Referral (daily task)

Invite your friend to join airdrop and get reward.

5. FeedBack (once task)

Give your feedback regarding our Dex paltform, Tell us about issue and anything you was found there.
Fill your feedback here :
To join Testnet Airdrop, You will need CMP Testnet token.
Claim testnet token here :


The reward ratio is 10 XP = 1 TWS Mainnet.
Reward will be distributed 3 week after the Tower token mainnet is launched on Towerswap dex.

Additional Explanation

  1. 1.
    Once Task
Participants only have one chance to get a reward through this task.
2. weekly Task
Participants can take part in this task every weeks for additional rewards.